Bottlebags, fruit- and breadbaskets in fabric - country style

Great decorative fabric baskets in different styles for different types of storages.
A beloved child has many names - call what you want, use what you want and decorate yourself with. Here are some tips for different applications.
Application: Dress up your favorite plants in these beautiful tygkorgar for the right style or olive bottles, fruit, bread, örtkrukorna, flower, clothespegs, candy, cookies or even use to hide various småplock!
Stylish and smart for various storage - beautifully for setting the table

Country style bottlebags, bread- and fruitbaskets

From the lovely bread baskets or fruit in unique lovely design. Playful patterns and colors to the classic Swedish farm feel and charm. These storage tygkorgar create a unique and wonderful style. Fill with cookies, bread, fruit, candy, and you have a fantastic gåborts gift for the host / hostess. Beautiful tygkorgar in beautiful colors and designs - find your favorite match your decor style use what you want and decorate with that desire.

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