Tableware and accessories

Here you will find teapots,teacozys, mugs, gifts and other fine doing that little bit extra for the kitchen.

Because your coffee or tea taste better in a nice and beautiful cup!
We have selected these products with heart and passion. Perfect gifts for yourself or to give away!

Here we have perfect accessories for the kitchen such as tea hoods, tea jars, mugs, coasters and much more. Complement your kitchen with what is missing, needed or give as a gift. We have many different products in different styles that can suit many. Accessories for the kitchen can do so much for the home to give that little extra detail in everyday life as fun tea hoods in different patterns or why not go for the country style with coasters in iron. Many of the accessories we have are very suitable to give as a gift as they are always appreciated to receive. The accessories are in different styles for each home and person. Go for the country to get the lovely feeling in the home, have a fun pattern to spruce up the home or have a special occasion.

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