Memo- & Displayboards in fabric

Amazing cute and decorative boards in lovely romantic country style in the Swedish design.

Fabric Bulletin Boards also has a pocket for convenient storage. Use at work for example in the break room as a bulletin board in the children's room to the drawings, hang up the children's self-made jewelry, the kitchen list, in the hall of the postcards, remember announcements, put receipts in your pocket, memories, etc.

Practical and decorative for memories and the To-Do-List!

Practical boards with unique Swedish design in the fabric which also has great design to match your décor. Children's drawings are welcome to decorate it or list / Remember list. The wall pocket can leave messages for each other or why not use the Advent calendar with a small package for each day until Christmas. For the summer house, playground, home or work makes them excellently! Decorative memo boards in lovely romantic style - both stylish and practical.

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